09 May 2007

Free Of Pre-Ordained Ideas

Yet to cross over that border,
yet to descend to the stream
where a chaos of bile-green disorder
is subsumed in an authorless dream.

This riverside of fragmented consciousness
stares blindly where the wild currents roil
and twist in spirals of despair, hear distress
call a blind terror washed in the moil

boiling against banks shearing
the commonsense of contiguity,
revealing a disunity in direction,
appealing the flow of oblivion.

This is where I stand wracked with
indecision, stranded in the schism
of what I know and where I must
go to be free of pre-ordained ideas.
© I.D. Carswell 2007-02-04

Image from     http://www.daniellaondesign.com