22 July 2007

Crime, & The Beloved Country

It is no-longer a maligned state of ‘Cry, The
Beloved Country’ – apartheid ended too late
to stop the pace of change, spawning a virus
of virulent crime that spreads untamed.

International Records states The Republic of
South Africa suffers the highest rates of crime
and HIV AIDS known to man, pejorative facts
which President Mbeki peremptorily denies.

He sees crime as the unfortunate effect of an
unhappy apartheid past – and he is not to blame
for that, while HIV and AIDS are not linked in any
way – the Western World is shamed in creating

hysteria which aims at increasing the profits from
drugs used for treatment. He won’t have a bar of
that. The facts remain bare-faced and evident,
he and his Ministers are disgraced and negligent.

Violent crime is malignancy worse than a cancer
affecting the minds of those ANC Leaders whose
delusion is not shared; ask any citizen whether
they’re too scared to walk the streets at night!
© 9 July 2007, I.D. Carswell