24 July 2016

Too Comfortable

It is just too comfortable to let lie - no pretence 
intended, but I cannot consent to an argument 
I’d do better sitting at the desk to write; well, in 
the event - least not tonight; it’d be like a vigil I 
had to be blackmailed by, or coerced into - the 
innuendo being why don’t you take it seriously 
and I do - tho somehow lying in bed writing’s a 
pleasure I’d put before that decorous bearing  

So I lie here - listening to our neighbour’s dog 
protesting about someone throwing sheets of 
iron off a trailer at 8pm; - no-one claims its an 
imposition although it would be hard to tell as 
its half a mile away, but the dog has its say & 
we’re relieved when it finally ceases to bark 

That quiet ascends gracefully brings a peace 
of mind I’m already embraced by here in bed 
so why would I want a desk of ‘circumstance’ 
to justify the recompense of writing free … 
© 3 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

23 July 2016


And so giving in to inertia is best; think of the consequence 
when lethargy is burned into a dullness of slag-like sloth, a 
torpor of laziness dressed as stagnation - oh, the apathy in 
a malaise of indolence; you’d prefer lifeless enervation to it 
if its immobility bares an accidie too bland to wear - but the 
stasis stays anyway - and there’s a languor of languidness 
whose torpidity breeds an otiosity that you don’t need - nor 
a state of hebetude to fall back into if all else should fail 

While inaction and idleness do not seem too distressed or 
of a passivity you’d believe inertness - inactivity professes 
the brain’s enthralled in sluggish, listless motionlessness -  
and there you begin to be the fainéant you’d ever denied, 
and crying about it won’t compromise a thing - why - well, 
even in a bureaucracy a tear only needs its own gravity 
© 8 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

22 July 2016

Persian Fetta

Suggesting & without checking a Thesaurus that it’s 
been a good day takes th’ Mickey out of being blasé 
about what matters; well, we managed a BBQ, & for 
sure that’s easy only of you’ve been practising - and 
I’ll admit to it but th’ funky bit is Persian fetta with its 
compatibility for roast potato wedges; ok, chips, & if 
never tried - start learning - flavours send subliminal 
waves you either surf, or wonder if you are anyway 

In this case we’re not aloof; having ridden the beast 
th’ only proof necessary’s a sip of good red - slice of 
beautifully cooked pork medallion - doused with that 
mushroom sauce to-die-for - & the barbecue roasted
potato wedges with fetta, now, who’d ever need ask 
for more of a thing indisputably never bettered 
© 7 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

21 July 2016


Its true it was not I who killed the bandicoot; and 
yet we’d grieve no less to have to view its death, 
find it senseless savagery - at best in retrospect, 
wonder who expressed a viciousness in slaying 
such a tiny placid beast out where its peacefully 
existing in rare harmony until it breathes it’s last; 
I’m not aware if there are dingoes loose upon th’ 
hill and haven’t heard their eerie calls this year 

To find a body where you’d not expect t’ see the 
little beast, unless it suffered agonies & crawled 
the hill to find a safer, open place now quietens 
me; in empathy we also live up here, makes an 
empty thought we’d question need if sanctuary; 
at least this bushland angel rests in peace … 
© 9 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

20 July 2016

Waste Of Space

What attests best to this form of intransigence; 
we’re beset by an after-the-event persuasion's 
preference for something we must’ve missed - 
ah ha; I didn’t sense a subtle change, but then 
I’ve been watching Rugby live for ever, and th’ 
arrangement was to share that sort of subtlety 
clubbed with these dumbest ever reruns of an 
outrageously blasé comedic waste of space 

Well I did it - I mean I suffered silently without 
defacing the screen but I’ve yet to see quiet’s 
meaning of assent washed free of prejudice I 
am apparently accused of regardless; there’s 
a notice out for me - I’m the one who jeers at 
what the rest is convinced is entertainment 
© 13 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

19 July 2016

Whats In The News

One of those days when one needs differentiate 
between th’ brash blustering of Donald Trump & 
th’ Cardinal Pell enquiry beamed in from Rome, 
unnecessary to say I’ve no stake in either, tho it 
seems we have to home in on a media frenzy to 
placate a Nation’s view we need to keep up with 
World events, or else; or else what I ask, unless 
window-dressed concoctions of importance are 

Relevant tests of whether we ably decide what 
matters on our own merits; like how in hell can a 
dourly self-aggrandising trumpeter of egocentric 
selfishness represent a Nation faithfully, but that 
it isn’t the issue for me, nor whether Pell may’ve 
been deluded about what exactly was the truth 

Crikey, media barons have already decided 
© 2 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

18 July 2016

Cyber Dreams

Apparently, and I’m not that amazed, there’s a wee 
protest brewing about the change to things ‘Postal’; 
of course it’s headed by a question why’d the rates 
have to rise so high, are there costs we have never 
heard described in 300 years postal history - or are 
we being conned by commercial interests with their 
obverse view we have to pay for what they foresee 
as a means to keep their profitability guaranteed 

The Post has been an integral connect one took as 
a standard of best service delivery, and yet we’ll be 
inheritors of a less than adequate idea the internet 
effectively rendered it redundant; that cyber dream 
is a myth - and we’re already regretting it bespoke 
an indefensibly false belief, unless you’d invested 

And I’ll guess we’ll learn to live less in a walk with 
expectancy down to the letterbox at the gate, and 
more with states of anarchy the World Wide Web 
mandates criterion for competitive efficiency; that 
is if you can believe anything providers say, & it’s 
their claim they’re giving it to us for free 
© 4 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

17 July 2016

What I was Going To Say

Was it what I was going to say - you’ll never know, 
the best ever offered guess suggested it more-or- 
less a non sequitur anyway, which seems to fit all 
those prior occasions where we wrested sense of 
a kind from the mess that lead it; then there’s that 
enigmatic pause - perhaps a hmm, or ahah, when 
the mind clears haze from articulation botched by 
forgetting what it was that I was just going to say 
© 6 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

16 July 2016

Finger Of Fate

Even if we don’t understand it there’s still an even 
chance; like, it isn’t challenging our existence - or 
have I missed a nuance, a sleeping in front of TV
kind of intelligence I’m unaware of, or that bent of 
notoriously bartered agreeance arranged so we’d 
never need to be confronted by it’s reality; not as 
if we’d apparently see differences between it and 
any mischance of fate in our worst nightmares 

So where does it leave us - aware but not awake 
I’d guess, more or less habituated to what should 
be a concern if we could see the sign, and if able 
to read it - espy propriety rights already inscribed 
to outside agencies; it hardly comes a surprise - 
especially where the advantage’s been tamed 
© 5 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

15 July 2016

An Agenda

And so we’re again onto a weight-loss consideration 
not that it’s an unusually slewed in-agenda inclusion 
but you await precise definition to accomodate what 
it actually means - could it be an ambit to ameliorate 
less indulgent thinking; starvation, & penal workouts 
spring to mind, with calorie-accounted impacts, plus 
refutation of trendy, whole-food regime claims which 
are harder to dissimilate - but we think not; this time 

We believe girth increase’s directly proportional to a 
control methodology’s laissez faire failing - tho’ what 
goes in obviously won’t break any cyclical doubts as 
much as loss of weight; so we’re making a kilos loss 
& size reduction final and only arbiter; - its so simply 
amazing we believe it is working already … 
© 2 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

14 July 2016

I’s In We

There’s no mistaking a slavishly articulated only 
me matters motif - you’d walk a mile in bare feet 
on the hot rocks of rectitude by transgressing 

so don’t play fancy-free games; daunting as it is, 
its safer to be circumspect, there’s an answer in 
reflection for just about every that matters - like 

whining to the foot-shuffle & heart-beat clique’s 
hardly an event as serious as the ‘street’ where 
intent influences who becomes what - as much 

as its no biggie, they’ll tell you being there is; if 
you can make amends by recognising their we 
are the scene without hysterics you’ll chance a 

a mention - possibly encores intending to wipe 
the slate clean where you had dispassionately 
disagreed with their only me matters - saying 

how many I’s are in We
© 5 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

13 July 2016

Heat Waves

Learning again to live rationally with the heat asks 
more than you’d planned to concede, & we’re true 
blue when the need is examined; there’s decades 
of experience, tropics in the main, where humidity 
and shade’s th’ key to being where a fan’s breeze 
works miracles, if you slow your pace and dress a 
lot less dramatically, & Versace isn’t always a key 
to feeling you’ll harmonise with these elements of 

a bygone age 200 years ago; oh, & how time flies 
when you’re standing still - well it isn’t the same & 
we know it; the past few days are out-of-character 
excerpts from faraway heat-mystery-classics we’d 
been granted as overactive figments of deranged, 
and stressed emigre’s imaginative appeal, and of 

which we’re neither - we’ve lived here most of our 
lives, so tell me why then this sweat’s still surreal 
© 1 February 2016, I. D. Carswell

12 July 2016


If you ‘ave ‘em, they’re usually the one’s who 
first disprove you’re unique - siblings I mean -  
solid proof you wouldn’t want it in differences 
anyway; and there is always the possibility of 
estrangement making an inroad - too great & 
you’ll sooner drive other routes than be seen 
on the same road; and there’s the rub, as far 
as you go, you haven’t moved an inch away 

’Tis true your uniqueness exists only in ways 
assumed by you, - if others play a hand then 
it’s theirs to own without reservation - and so 
you’re what and whomever they fit you into - 
not a pretty picture unless it’s sibling-hood’s 
decent & best memories reverently dressed 
© 19 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

11 July 2016

JRT Philosophy

It was a lesson in JRT philosophy - the Jack Russell 
view that every day’s a Saturday unless it is Sunday 
already - and then you get a holiday; so he’s asleep 
in the space he made himself at rear of ‘Maisie’, the 
Mazda 323 - whom he’s elected as his Alma Mater; 
its where he claims to be at peace, without needing 
hear voices raised, or conceive a heavy breathing’s 
call to arms means he’s required back on duty now 

So in his own way Podge makes real statements of 
a status quo only he perceives thus - and inimitably 
so, we might add, unless it is nearing decision time, 
meaning, what am I getting for Tea; - and’ve I been 
for a walk yet or did you forget again - what, you’ve 
just got back! Amazing - it must be time for a nap  
© 26 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

10 July 2016

Super XVIII Rugby

It is a trifle daunting - our old Super XV format is 
becoming too difficult. There’re more teams - we 
expected that: Sunwolves from Japan, Jaguares 
from Argentina, & South African Kings who’re the 
newbies. So its expanded and now a Super XVIII 
Rugby competition? Well no - since the draw has 
been published we’re seeing something - how do 
you put it - odd. Sunwolves don’t play Kiwi teams 

Because they’re in the Africa 1 Conference, while 
Africa 2 Conference, Jaguares, get to play some - 
as do the Africa 2 home-based teams, but where 
planners came up with their two tier Africa idea’s 
a black hole meaning we viewers don’t get see a 
Jaguares team playing on-field in Australia

The explanation may be in a two year integration, 
or a grander plan including Pacific Island nation’s 
composing teams - but right now its got me beat; 
seems the new scheme’s got to pay for itself with 
revenue producing guarantees, as well as adage 
of advancing the Rugby game; so maybe there’s 

A gem of wisdom - or a Sepp Blatter plan behind 
those scenes we’re unlikely to ever be wise to … 
© 15 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

09 July 2016


Not often you efface into it; - yeah, I know it means 
erase - but in this case its JW Blue label - that’s 25
year’s worth of straight thinking, bent somewhat by 
statements who th’ f..k decided it’s taste’s what we 
wanted to grow into regardless, - & there is its free
anomaly, you’re neither a true Scotch drinker or an 
easy-to-come-by looser who’d figuratively pee in a 
better flavoured glass without knowing a real deal

Johnnie Walker blends good scotch whiskeys from 
the rarest and best single malts, that’s what makes 
sense for the tastebuds; - why we’d want to go see 
and try ‘em for ourselves beats me, it is all there in 
the Blue Label less pomp and circumstance; & yet 
you’ll still claim you’ve to efface into it gracefully 
© 14 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

08 July 2016

Wineglass In Hand

Maybe I should have stayed - it would’ve been one 
wineglass less than dangerous, but it couldn’t have 
made any difference; watching actors playing roles 
stereotypically suggests at best you’ve avoided zip, 
but it’s a detective series, and even criminals have, 
need I say it, to be clichéd; what we’re seeing is an 
extravaganza of ‘usual’ epithets too banal to be let 
out of the bag, & remember, I said, this is a Series

So I cease, desist and leave the room wineglass in 
hand - I’m less debauched than reflective if it could 
ever matter; wine’s okay, but she who is deference 
to any weird ideas about what’s real suggests I will 
be wisely better to sleep immediately - so it’s off to 
the La La land that she has recommended 
© 14 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

07 July 2016

Forecasting Aberrancy

If there’s an anomaly I’d guess it isn’t in the heat
that’s too easily measured to be an expression of 
aberrant prediction - there difficulties seem to be, 
more or less, bound up in who’s forecasting, and 
where they’re actually situated - the further away 
being key to greater inaccuracy; and so, if its 38º 
on the patio instead of 31º as we’re expecting, it 
blazes blue murder on what we call forecasting 

aberrancy: categorically heat doesn’t equivocate, 
in that sense it’s bent treating us all equal, so we 
have to blame the inequality on who guessed its 
parameters, and lent an element of credibility by 
publishing the damn things - & once again - well 
met - Bureau of Meteo(ineligible)ontology 
© 21 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

06 July 2016


If three pillows is the same as levitation then I’m 
up ‘n away, writing free; four may be claim to an 
astral agency altho usually in th’ long run gravity 
wins - and in a finished product regardless you’ll 
see little differs; its scarcely worth the balancing 
act unless tumbling from a weightless pose to a 
crumpled duvet means transition to better ways 
in composing the poetry you live & breathe by 

Apple MacBook Air balanced precariously upon 
crossed legs, bent at knees, with a foot planted 
for stability on the bed - other freed making toe 
signals seems less th’ sinecure than affectation 
of ’n idler trying to create atmosphere - without 
having to leave his damnedest comfort zone 
© 24 January 2016, I. D. Carswell

05 July 2016

Favourably Impressed

Let us say we were favourably impressed - this Duck 
didn’t say, get off of my patch quick or I’ll beak ya into 
pieces - far from it; the implication was Podge should 
engage with him in a bit of run and chase - & it would 
necessarily include a bit of swimming with occasional 
aerial stints thrown in just to enliven proceedings - so 
much so the barking disturbed tranquillity of a ‘magic’ 
air in the place such Podge was told to be quiet 

In the event Podge played that Duck’s game only for 
a few minutes, all uneventfully, thereafter ignoring its 
presence as if he knew a con-job in the making; try & 
fool my companions he suggests - unless you’re into 
tossing sticks I’ll fetch out of any of the creek’s pools 
you’ve professed to be your exclusive territory 

So this bewildered wood duck quietened, & watched 
quite amazed as Podge taught Georgia & I the ways 
that would keep him entertained in the quiet reaches 
of Bungo Creek … 
© 18 January 2016, I. D. Carswell