27 February 2019

Freed Such Poverty

We’re getting there again - almost November and our 
Jacarandas are beginning to bloom; there’s already a 
swoon of lilac tinge under the first tree, she’s an early 
denizen - while th’ rest winge, hum and haw a bit but 
evidence suggests they’ll attune to Guy Fawkes Day 

It is a sign blessing th’ Seasonal Sway; we’ve moved 
from jeopardy onto the highway to where we’ll cruise 
comfortably ’til Christmas - bathing in the Lilac tones 
under our trees, debating how we can live without th’ 
pleasure of being groomed in such comely opulence 

How could one forget th’ carpet of purple shades we 
need to remember those good old days, and without 
which we’d grieve forever for events in a past tense - 
there’s the promise again, as rich in sumptuousness  
as the guarantees we’re freed forever such poverty 
© 30 October 2018, I. D. Carswell 

27 January 2017

New Blog - More Poetry From The Creek

I've begun a new Blog. 

It is really just a continuation of this one, which, now that it contains 3,758 posts, is a bit of a problem to manage. So the new one is still of the same genre, just more recent... 

'More Poetry From The Creek' is at: 


Good reading! 

14 January 2017

That’s News?

Well, I never expected them to argy-bargee on again 
in the morning - after the Bolt 6:30 pm Sky TV News 
session last evening one could argue the ABC might  
feel a need to defend itself, why being a question we 
couldn’t debate without acerbic Bolt assertions being 
thrown in with prejudice - but there we were, at 8 am, 
listening to a hodge-podge of th’ same blarney about 
whether this or that was the case, tho on ABC Radio 

If it was supposed to make any more sense than the 
views expressed by Bolt’s guests yesterday - it failed 
notwithstanding better explanations that PM Malcolm 
Turnbull has to wear a larger part of the blame; while 
we’d agree it is a burden Heads of Government bear, 
we’re still none the wiser why they think that’s news 
© 18 October 2016, I. D. Carswell 

13 January 2017

The Boys Way

The Boys Way is Heinz baked beans crushed 
and rolled liberally within red quinoa wrap, it’s
nothing too over-refined, just a nice breakfast 
that assimilates with the morning coffee - and 
there’s no dishes to clean - debris disappears 
magically with casual finger licking done in an 
expression of gourmand’s heaven tamed to a 
gustatory imagination’s now indecent release 

What remains in the tin’s sealed carefully with 
rubber-banded plastic wrapping & stored in th’ 
fridge - altho’ it could easily morph into lunch; 
and so begins th’ day, no dishes to wash, just 
a few empties stashed in th’ rubbish bin while 
awaiting Her Eminence’s return later today … 
© 19 October 2016, I. D. Carswell 

12 January 2017

Tissue Issues

If you needed an incentive to rant - then the idea 
of tissue paper speckled all over your underwear 
should be th’ salutary departing point; so what in 
Heavens name am I clambering onto a soapbox 
stance about; - well, I suppose you recall tissues 
you casually store in work-clothes pockets, back 
when our runny-nose season was in full bloom? 
It inferred readiness remaining in perpetuity - or 

At least until the next wash; - well they’re back & 
spread upon my dark underpants, reappearance 
being advent of a prognosis we’d get back more 
than put in storage - in a form subtending simple 
fiats dramatically; it meant either I ignore what is 
a moment’s worth of sagacity, or wear ‘em as is 
© 24 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

11 January 2017


Saying you’re sick of all th’ sanctimony barely gets 
within cooee of where dour politicians really are at; 
so what if we’re a proletariat & commoners to boot - 
a man’s man isn’t an aristocrat, & nor’s a politician, 
regardless whether senator or member’s penchant, 
& yet, there is that air of commonality in their basic 
reasoning they’re regally all squeaky clean - unlike 
anyone provoking their ire, or providing opportune 

Occasion t’ dander disparaging remarks savouring 
the sauce of the gander, and stated with a morally 
superior, tho’ sanctimoniously prissy, stance that’d 
cause one to choke on his beer, as if he’d actually 
paid for it; yet we are supposed to listen to all their 
pronouncements as if they’re ‘nouveau patricians’ 

Of sound mind & noninfectious behaviour; beware, 
we say, hearing loss is severely occasioned within 
sanctimony of open air delivery - you can play ‘em 
free for fancy fools anyway you like if agreeing y’ll 
pay whatever compensation redresses that case; 
oddly, all I’m hearing now is a resounding silence 
© 8 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

10 January 2017

Live Sports TV

Kind of a crazy Saturday - one where the live Sports 
TV diet dresses itself in excesses of better’n usual
yet, with two Test matches to complete our agony, or 
am I dreaming; well, I rechecked Foxtel’s guide & its 
for real though a bit of channel navigation’s entailed; 
but no worries, our MyStar box’s fully programmed & 
will grab footage easy-peasy - all I’ll need is a comfy 
chair, a beer and plenty of peace of mind to indulge 

Yeah, I didn't infer which games are on - but you can 
rest at ease, they are all Rugby happenings - free of 
commercial advertising, that insanity which drives us 
devoted sports fan to tears - read that as beers and 
chips - but amply rewarded by us seeing Springboks 
v All Blacks and Argentina’s Pumas v The Wallabies 
© 17 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

09 January 2017


Displaying that acumen on the back bench 
won’t raise the bar - we’re here in the lime- 
light already, or’ve I misread something th’ 
introduction indiscreetly mentioned - tho’ it 
hardly matters and the evidence is there’s 
contumaciously carved conspiracy lodged 
in woodwork we’d admired moments ago, 
a legacy, they said, we’d learn to live with 

Having that hanging over your head won’t 
be the only jeopardy, its in an endowment 
where you prove you’re whom they trust t’ 
deliver their telling blow - the one of being 
thrust into cognoscenti of notoriety: who’d 
admire you now won’t know its the end 
© 7 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

08 January 2017

Things That Amazed

Then it was time to look back on the things that 
amazed - nothing too bizarre behoved itself - in 
a sense it was routine of events you’d expect a 
place in th’ rural scene to be entangled in; we’d 
been afraid we could lose both our electricity & 
telephone connection should a storm and flood 
make mayhem where our lines crossed what is 
known as Delaneys Creek - & it seemed they’d 

Anticipated the probability - even thinking what 
to do in the event, & agreeing to clear off vines 
entwined on lines & restoring our property pole 
to a vertical stance; altho authorisation took six 
months to eventuate finally it didn’t frustrate as 
it might’ve done were we seeking a solution in 
retrospect - this was a newly unique occasion, 
we waited patiently in only minor trepidation 

Then on the appointed day three work parties 
appeared with all the machinery & equipment 
needed such that by late afternoon the deeds 
were complete - & neatly done - and we could 
admire scenes we’d guessed we’d be lucky to 
see; while it doesn’t mean the problem’s been 
removed completely, we have utility lines free 
of vines between newly pruned trees, we see

Its wholly concreted sense of permanence in 
th’ now vertical stance of our property pole &, 
its evidence is based where it ought to be … 
© 6 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

07 January 2017

Wisdom In Lieu

You could call it one of those days - no-one’s going 
to object if they’re sitting on th’ patio after busy-bee 
folding two weeks worth of washing: in effect, a job 
with no priority unless you run out of undies; hasn’t 
happened but th’ ratio of knickers to ‘em sez males 
are less likely to get away with it, that is unless 3:1 
is an indice with a safety margin extending beyond 
th’ consideration to wear ‘em for a second day 

But that wasn’t the real accomplishment - instance 
this, this www.slave/ didn’t feel obliged to go catch 
up with trends on th’ net; sure, email’s collected by 
mobile phones these days, if you’ve the data alloc, 
so you know who’s doing what to whom - although 
you don’t need read ‘em t’ know there’s no truth in 

That belief, it’s really a form of indemnity only, with 
a clause suggesting if you’re not in, you don’t exist 
altho’ proving that needs more internet speed than 
you can get off of a satellite dish; thus after a short 
black coffee and some deep reflection, we’re much 
better prepared to wish for greater wisdom in lieu 
© 12 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

06 January 2017

Heeded The Call

So I have to agree there’s more to it than I’d let myself 
believe; the toss-away adage, like, it’s only a 24 hr ‘flu 
bug - nothing to worry about, is still comfortably at bat, 
come to think of it, for three weeks at least, and if I’ve 
been ignoring the symptoms of varied complications it 
manifests, I haven’t felt ‘em before’s my defence, with 
a practical, common-sense notion of what that meant 
likened to brass razoo concepts of the Economy 

Well - today the beast played a different role in rearing 
and baring incredible teeth it wasn’t supposed to wear; 
within ten minutes of beginning a leisurely stroll up the 
path I was panting and feeling dizziness of exhaustion. 
It wasn’t faint-&-far-cry-removed from a real warning t’ 
take it easy - and it is thus that I’ve heeded the call… 
© 11 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

05 January 2017

Mace for Midges

Not an afternoon you’ll remember with affection, the 
midges sorely saw to that; they were giving, as only 
they can - their love and commiseration - bit like an 
overdose of rawly applied fan-club accolades which 
abrade rather than trigger ego enhancements; what 
we need’s effusive buzzing - not possessive caress 
ending in rabid itching - or suggesting skin grafts to 
go - but, OK, we’ll spray repellant, tho’ reluctantly  

We don’t need reminding we’re the objects of your 
dire passion - but just heed this - until today you’ve 
only bothered me with your fey discrimination, why 
are you indiscreetly plying my Lady who has never 
complained before - she’s abandoned her Brazilian 
Chair for a safer lounge seat where TV’s available 

And a can of Mace for Midges is close at hand 
© 20 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

Its actually Aussie Deet, but never mind...

04 January 2017

Serendipitously Greeted

You can call it magnificence - something great which 
is fitting or seemly to the circumstance, but to me it’s 
a raw chill from the opened door; yes - there’s some 
expression grandiloquence; flinging open shutters & 
greeting the day enthusiastically, and, all the while a 
reflectively bed-reclining figure dining on toasted rye 
bread liberally breakfast-avocado ‘buttered’ - winces 
at a bravo encore he didn’t call for or imagine to be 

somewhere in th’ circumstance’s breadth of reason; 
hollering, hey - I’m happy to see it thru the windows 
won’t be serendipitously greeted - or the more likely 
rejoinder - your second cup of coffee’s probably too 
cold to enjoy nicely, so why not get up and help me 
hang out the washing before you turn into ice 
© 26 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

03 January 2017


And we enter the next compromised scene of an 
idiocy that’s been too close to disgraced sanity; I 
knew even before it became an explanation - the 
crazy way this random equation ate data made it 
the rationed complacency of a few gurus, whose 
circumspect views couldn’t care less - we’re into 
a new happening they say, you’d have to be in it 
to expect the cerebral change will make sense 

I’d have to query the relevance of such singular 
perspective - either it can be proved without the 
caveat you need be mad to finesse their view & 
find it leaves you of the same mind as them - or 
is that the tweeted trend necessary to be ‘sane’ 
when the rest of the World is already crackers 
© 11 September 2016, I. D.Carswell 

02 January 2017

Who Pays The Rent

And were I to say, it wasn’t my problem then I’d 
be in breach of consensual intent which agrees 
potential disaccord’s meant to be aired in any a 
fashionably congenial, or cultivated bent before 
the screaming starts; but ask yourself - why is it 
unwise to endanger an outflow process, if that’s 
what it is, or expose yourself as the target to an 
incoming missile you’re actually already seeing 

So woe’s me for exposing sensitivity which has 
an indefensible need for keeping under wraps - 
tho it won’t mean diddly-squat t’ th’ cat who got 
th’ cream, & irony in that is lore behind legends 
yet t’ be told tho never responsibly beholden to 
allegedly reached ententes by in-vogue parties 

I’d guess endemic silence’s penchant is either 
a consent to contempt, or for more blasphemy, 
actually neither clique agrees who pays rent 
© 14 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

01 January 2017

Sky Muster

Our NBN Sky Muster satellite installation upgrade 
came and went - and without any dramas evident 
until time came to re-connect; it is about then that 
primordial obsession with wifi hauntingly returned;  
don’t get too excited was a caution stressed, as if 
to dampen spirits impressed with its faster speed; 
maybe a ‘single-user-only’ caveat still applies, but 
let’s not Google ourselves into the corner just yet 

Sky Muster data supplied in the preceding weeks 
implied wireless routers were okay for networking, 
but we took th’ tack of an expert IT intervention to 
connect, set up & then launch the venture, and in 
the event thus invested in much a smoother take-
off for a whole lot less duress on landing again 
© 16 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

31 December 2016

Stella Ingrid

And so Stella Ingrid, enervated at prospect of 
buying birthday presents for herself using her 
own pre-paid credit card, then wisely stashes 
said plastic where she knows it’ll be safe and 
disremembers the exact location - it is saying 
you’re a member of th’ same family where we 
find ourselves detailed in predisposition - and
forget respondency to be the ‘moment’s fun’ 

So last-minute decisions run amok don’t they; 
when you’re freed to think things thru on your 
own at your frenetic pace, pressing of buttons 
on key isn’t an harmonic you’d tune to; & tho’ 
you are still assured a role or chorus-part on-
stage - surely you’ll want to play it your way 
© 1 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

The picture shows Stella's final choice - safety gear
for her skateboard...