17 July 2007

Forget The Deal, I’ve Got A Wife

You won’t know him by this name
but rest assured Old Nick cares less
for recognition than respect; he
sent an acolyte with a message
stick: Treat this lady with respect,
said He, know that she is barred
from Hell – I like my peace, but get
this straight, don’t mess with me or
she’ll become your nemesis.

I am ashamed I asked with subtle
hints for tricks to spice a lover’s
life, exquisite kinks, you know the
game – but she requires a piece of
me to pay the price. At least Old Nick
came clean, she is a devilish torturer
he claimed, a nasty sprite with evil
mind inflamed with deviant and
over-avid fantasies.

So I’m caught between Old Nick
and acolyte, the one who ridicules
his care-free days – thinks he
needs a tyrant in his wayward
life. The scene is piquant, poised
and likely friction looms; I’m scared
to think I caused this kind of strife.
Nick, I say, not on your life, forget
the deal – I’ve got a wife.
© 4 July 2007, I.D. Carswell