12 July 2007

Merlot Flows O’er A Tongue

Merlot flows o’er a tongue disposed to treat its
currant flavours as complete, with subtle swells
of savour bells which ring in tones to easily defeat
the lien of tastes unknown – and flavours dwell
in harmony with herbal hints of violet smells,
a rose competes, a wily clove, a clue to laurel leaf.
This wine was aged with patient care in oaken barrels
neat and blends a pitch of coconut which bids belief;

in simple terms the vintner earned his worthy keep
this year,’04, for sure the best of Rochford’s best,
it stood the test this tongue invested in a taste replete
and neatly filled a niche that savours its largesse.
Another glass Monsieur? Ah oui, this one I like; I think,
the best for sure. Join me sir, raise a glass and clink...
© 29 June 2007, I.D. Carswell