07 July 2007

No Shame, No Hint Of It

No shame, no hint of it – Helen Coonan
says the blame lies at the feet (or on the
heads) of the Opposition. Eleven years
playing dumb brought to an end by $1B
charity. You’d need to be immune to the

gales of stilted laughter, or subsumed
in terse denial, to miss what made this
come of age. Out of a larder bared, a
Mother Hubbard election bone arrantly
thrown where doing nothing was viewed

as wise business. The Broadband Plan
is just that, business left to fester in a
stifled state of competition so every
Australian can have equivalent internet
connections at, quote: a ‘very fast’ rate...

For the non-technical that means ADSL;
or where the wires end kilometres back
beyond the last dusty footprint on a dirt
track – wireless. ‘Very fast’ is better than
we’ve had for sure because it wasn’t even

fast before – unless you’re connected to
cable. But cable isn’t the way to go – oh no,
unless you live in the Cities. Honest Johnny
says no worries mate, shows how he’ll neatly
bribe forty regional electorates, marginals

held, oddly, by the Coalition, stack up a
whack of pork-barrelled votes, all in the
name of fixing what he created by doing
nothing about it in the first place...
No wonder Jesus wept!
© 19 June 2007, I.D. Carswell