28 July 2007

Presumptions Of Nothing

Cruising on empty it seemed,
an unlikely environment for
the kind of trash who preyed
on the extremely innocent.

But it was not hers to say, she
simply obeyed the roster which
had her play Nissie (11) in open
forum of The Poetry Room.

Today she had two takes at a
standing invitation to become
‘friends’; Jake (12) and Liger (47).
Really, that was a no-brainer.

She hastened to read Liger whom
it seemed was legit, his poetry
read easily and she found herself
quite liking it. Another dead end.

But Jake was a firebrand – too
erudite for 12. Too, how did you
say – pushy in an adult offensive
kind of way. Better ease him out.

The bait was a date – her choice of place
and time; it would be easy to rack the
guy. It never crossed her mind that Jake
grinned with the exact same presumption.
© 21 July 2007, I.D. Carswell