08 July 2007

Reluctantly With Risible Misgivings

Reluctantly and with risible
misgivings the dogs were
persuaded to brave open
air this morning. Last night’s
temperature fell to that brisk
and businesslike winteriness
where thoughts deviate apace
from bodily needs; theirs were
thought best relieved out where
a choice of places is limited only
by their doggy imaginings.

Winds that should have gently
soughed crescendoed in roars
of much malevolence, shrieked
fury and relieved me of dreams.
I wear three layers to keep warm,
two of wool next to the skin, look
to the sun’s rays to break frigid air.
I know there will be no relief
from this wind’s icy impasse,
no free return to yesterdays
warmth and benevolence.
© 20 June 2007, I.D. Carswell