21 July 2007

Rhyme A Dime Dime (at nursery time)

Now who bewails the turkey tales
that don’t get told anymore, the
gobble de gook of the story book
with the skew-whiff look of the big
bad chook, rhyme a dime dime at
nursery time, the ring a ding dings
as the church bells sing – rhyming
time where the children climb and
the old and grey shake their heads
and pray for rhyming verse to defeat
the curse arthritis preys upon.
Listen then to tunes which cling to
the spaces where your memories
care; in the nonsense light of a carrot
bright you’ll find the rhyme and you’ll
find the beat, dance with the children
in Sesame Street.
©17 July 2007, I.D. Carswell