09 July 2007

A Virus To The Purists

Rather a case of to buggery with it,
and for those who think it has an anal
connotation, go on, toodle off back to
the forum. I goddamn need a break
from writing off my arse day by day,
week by week – for what?

A witty recitation from Malouf disguised
as Meatloaf, a weird reproof, misspelt (or
is that misspelled?) by UNoHu, the classic
spoofs from PH poseurs underground who
misread the titles anyway and a couple of
genuine, tear-jerking pleasers.

Okay, I have the ‘flu – influenza to the jerks
who won’t allow secular abbreviations, a
virus to the purists who wouldn’t dream of
breathing common germs but spread them
anyway – and I feel like shit. That is I did until
I counted.

Eight hundred today.

That’s why I’m taking a break. Me from you.
See you again in a couple of weeks – maybe.
© 5 July 2007, I.D. Carswell