30 July 2007

Who Now Know He’s Merely Mortal

Am I the last cynical bastard standing
before lights out tonight? What do
you need to convince you that the

Federal Government’s sudden and
blighted interest into NT Aboriginal
Affairs reeks worse than fictional

didacts of ‘Children Overboard’ – an
incident that lent an incredibly absurd
air of credibility to a PM who said

(off the record of course) he only
told porky pies because it was the
‘right’ thing to do. Bugger me,

voters fell for that inspired bit of
loaves and fishes in droves. But not
this time I think. The bloody stink of

Mal Brough’s incursion has that rinky
dink, succinctly malodorous tinge of
misadventure, the member for Longman’s

a PM’s ringer, a guy who struggles
to take an unjaundiced view of how to
win the State of Queensland! He could

tell another lie, I suppose, but where
would he bury the Nationals who
now know he’s merely mortal?
© 17 July 2007, I.D. Carswell