15 July 2007

Why Do We Have To (change the past)

I am reluctant to embrace
the new or the smart ways to
deal with the past; my cue is a

benign equanimity – either I
knew or faced faces shouting,
disgraced myself in the same

trenchant doctrine. Easier to be
where you were than to depart
for a future less than assured.

Now that I am here I am not so
sure there was ever a need. In
an inimical way dawn breaks to

reassure each day starts in a
like way – roseate streaks
delineate where earth meets

sky and light dispels the gloom.
As eyes discern contours of the
land, as depth of vision ekes out

distance, the span of when and
now unite in a commonwealth
of relearning. To say the least

we start each day of the future
the same – why do we have to
change the past?
© 4 July 2007, I.D. Carswell