05 July 2007

Without Doubt A Poor Study

Yesterday it was the black dog kept at bay
by heeding my friends’ advice – ‘So, you’re
depressed? So what! You think you’re either

special or alone in that?’ But clearly I digress,
I want to say that I survived by doing less of
me and more of that which I ordinarily abstain,

praising efforts of the rarely recognised. When
time weighs a tonne and an eye-blink becomes
a Herculean feat of endurance staying on one’s

feet and in balance is indeed great praise. Today
has begun, I am reading poetry of lesser lights
( - so it seems to all but me) poetry that sings

in tongues true to origins. With great humility I
see where I am wrong; these were the teachers
all along and I am without doubt a poor study.
© 18 June 2007, I.D. Carswell