13 August 2007

Dust Covers All Equally

Surrounded by the paraphernalia of a mere two
generations of technological change, seduced
into believing the next instance will make even
greater innovation commonplace – aware how
the balance is weighted against anything more
than a sedentary procession of the same pace.

Too easily wooed, assured it is not a race – just
the inevitable taking place; casualties collect, are
ritualistically swept from the crowed aisles of
corporate abattoirs, simplistic displacement of
failure fuelling insane desires for more power,
greater speed and less exclusivity while greed
burns hotter in the foundries forging less and
less agreeable excuses.

There in the corner of my mind’s eye I see the
debris, the carnage of this age, the corpses of
despair and redundancies, carcases gutted of
rare or precious metals, laid bare to ribs rotting
a thousand years in dedicated mountains –
symbols of our undebated insanity.

Here I see the old and the new side by side in
this birthing room of ideas, this aperture thru’
which I commute between two states uneasily,
seeing the brand new with objective clarity,
seeing that no matter what the claims may be
dust covers all equally...
© 10 August 2007, I.D. Carswell