11 August 2007

Nothing Could Be Simpler

Nothing could be simpler you’d think,
a pencil, some paper – lined if you please
but blank will do, a place to sit and drink
in the ambience of this morning; so how

did I end up here? This toilet is the least
rated for inspired choice. As for ambience –
it stinks, not an olfactory consequence,
everyone know your own shxx doesn’t,

but still no compensation for the chaste
economy of being roomed where there
IS room. Room graced with ample space,
space to spread out in, space to anchor

the firmament, views to take at a glance.
No environment of chance to inspire
towering thoughts, a dunny door closed
on small, four-walled worlds bounding

finite existence. Yet it explains how I am
here. It began when SEQEB begat Energex
begat AGL. No need to tell infant tales out
of school or elucidate how these bodies

supplying electricity created my indecent
incarceration – my needs best left unsated
to engendered change; cyclonic winds and
the coldest of irony blew a strange cause and

effect, power surges killed my broadband
modem, maimed and maligned my ‘infallible’
PC’s auto-recovery system – which regressed
into infinitely repeated boot sequences.

Technically my brain has been isolated from
an unconscious facility to machine-translate
words to progressions with meaning. Painfully
I’m learning hand writing again...
© 10 August 2007, I.D. Carswell