28 September 2007

50p a Pee

Travelled throught Germany? There’s an odd
convention in effect. For want of a name we
termed it ‘50p a pee’ – you pay big bucks to
use the loo. An affect you say, not the true
abberation – reflecting views of nature’s
needs as unsacrosanct opportunities.

Crude? Why yes, we all agree, yet it excites
no mitigation – and if there’s another view
it stays aloof, proof, one concludes, that
Germany may wear the scars of centuries of sad
toilet training experience, wherefore one must
pay to placate parsimony in National conscience.

Or is it just an excuse that leads the Meisters
of Greed to grab eagerly at minted euros –
offeratory in lieu of faith, or just a subliminal
volte farce which obviates the real defense?
If Germany is really green then believe me
the cause is human waste behind each tree.
© 11 September 2007, I. D. Carswell