26 September 2007

The Bones Of Bare Ideas

Heathrow to Waterloo underground,
a palpable change from 38,000 feet
over the Baltic in clear air – yet there
are tendons connecting. Where train
and plane bore relentlessly through
their journey’s itineraries the bones
of bare ideas creak at joints solidified
by sentience. Somewhere along this
line we change again – emerge into
light, struggle up stairs and down
escalators wearing the some pre-
occupied intensity of our fellow
travellers. How far have you come
today? Stockholm, we left home at
6:00am; tonight we will be in Exeter
having seen the passage of time run
down. There will be warm greetings
and a cup of tea waiting. These old
bones won’t rest easily until then.
© 5 September 2007, I. D. Carswell