09 September 2007

Controversy Sells More

Collected in the
darkness of each
days obsession,
paraded in a benign
secrecy of shaded
places; anonymity
threatened in
sharpened shadows
too precisely focussed
to diffuse smut’s history
as a mere procession
of pedant peccadilloes.

Todays views debate
impressions – an ocean
vast and unending as
the dark dreams riding
human emotions,
hungrily seeking feasts,
banquets of their
wildest imaginings.

The imagery hangs in
tapestries on walls
festooned in communal
space, living attributes
paint each animate face;
and pornographers rub
shoulders with Moguls
sagely providing its right
to exist by denying
controversy sells
more than any formal
legitimacy to exit
gives licence for.
© 20 August 2007, I.D. Carswell