14 September 2007

Entertained By Outages

Six hours today they kept
us in suspense, six hours
with no defence against a
rancid dullness creeping like
a mold upon a countenance
incensed; eight outrageous
outages we’ve counted in
these past three days. Sure 

the wind has played its part
impenitent with ease, tearing
limbs from trees, breaching
lines and causing discontent –
but eight times the power
went out when wind had
ceased to shrill about our
ears and eaves. We ask you 

where is happenstance in
that? The theory we prescribe 
is power supply as credibility
in need of Nature’s enigmatic
smile, and when describing 
accidentsabide instead the 
greater good a weak excuse
at mercy of efficiencies the

knowing breeze derides.
© 23 August 2007, I.D. Carswell