21 September 2007

See This Exact Replica (of you)

It was a strange dream – if it was a dream,
an altercation in the queue as we queued
to leave; I didn't dream the incident which
then ensued – but I intervened. May your
judgement of me leave a little room when
you hear my feeble words in self-defense,
I am a peaceable and easy-going man until
I see someone I care for be abused.

That she rarely turns a hair or blinks
an eye when circumstance conspires
matters neither here nor there – thus when
I heard what seemed to be her silent scream
I woke and drew a metaphoric gun, the one
I carry just in case. I was gratified how much
it scared the man who creamed his jeans.
Before I killed the dediated waste of space
a pasty faced and glassy waiting suicide
took sides, but not with me.

I dared to pull the trigger on a scene of
fractured discontinuity blithely unaware it
was much too surreal, perhaps important, 

and a distant voice then whispered, Yes, 
see this exact replica of you –
and keep the faith.
©3 September 2007, I.D. Carswell