09 October 2007

Dover To Calais

Dover to Calais, a merry sail by sea
with Immigration into France aloof –
they waved us through without a
second glance. Welcome to EC they
said, but when you leave the Britishers
will daunt upon your head. And thus
it was as they alleged – a lengthy wait
without the grace of relevance.

You should rank the stance of Britain in
EC before you trade, feel the weight
of history’s length – let subtle shades
of precedence compound your fears.
By speaking loud in French you ring the
bell that says, mes amis, we’re here, let
us in now wont you please. The smiles are
then most welcome beams of relevance.

I hid a laugh and dropped pretence; I’ve
come around the World to see this scene,
the pettiness just isn’t real, it’s wasted here,
you play your games of consequence with
history’s pawns upon a stage of aged
burlesque. My friends, I cannot make a
word of sense and please believe, you
will not make pawn of me!
© 8 October 2007, I. D. Carswell