04 October 2007

Durham Town

Durham Town today with hints of a glorious past
embodied in an armed platoon’s hurried march
from the Cathedral; school cadets in camouflage
eviscerate a quick step race to emulate their adult
peers, the band with patent leather shoes smoking
cigarettes relaxed out of formal dress, rehearsals
complete. Green jacketed veterans stroll past
in berets and grey slacks to celebrate this day’s
regimental birthday while we, blissfully unaware
gaze wide-eyed at the ancient church, learn of a
need for £40,000 per day in donations to effect
maintenance. When Princess Alexandria finally
graced the rite we had moved on, wisely perhaps,
the gathering throng seemed less generous – though
you’d never have know it by reading their faces.
© 9 September 2007, I. D. Carswell