19 October 2007

My View Of Fair Or Real

Which is the greater crime –
to take democracy, run it
through with metal skewers
and barbeque as party planks
of politics – or take the total
vote received as all one needs
to change the sacred rules?

I don’t care for government –
bemused by monkeyshines divined
as dirty tricks to fix the lists; let the
bastards fight it out day by day in
hand to hand, last man standing rules –
where we can thumbs-down each
and every one of all the sorry dicks.

Let the People judge the shady
deals and death decide democracy.
I stand there, astride a notion that
my vote exists as sacrosanct; to have
some Rep elected say he’s traded it for
rancid deals of greater good is not
my view of fair or real democracy.
© 15 October 2007, I. D. Carswell