16 October 2007

Tintern Abbey (on a Thursday)

A long day cruising between Lancashire
and Wales, crossing rivers which were
canals which were streams which were
bidden borders – seeking union in order.

‘Croeso i Crymu’ the signs say, ‘Welcome
to Wales’ – tranquil valleys and trees wore
autumn shades but no claim to complacent
indifference. The Abbey’s ruins greeted

us without fanfare – toilets clean and busy;
across the street the pub stared. While you
stalked the stones, took photographs, I sat
and drank a pint or two of the local brew.

And where you have photographs I have
clear memories of my first Welsh beer;
you’ll share your pictures – I’ll keep my
mine alive too, completely satisfied.
© 15 October 2007, I. D. Carswell