13 October 2007

Too Many False Prophets

A faint nausea near overcomes you – sourness
in the oesophagus one might digress, but truth
be told its bile distressed by envy.

There’s nothing left construed digestible except
the facts and you are less an influence, or at the
very best, a symbol of lost confidence.

It is clear in margins kept of arithmetic
consequence you failed the test.
Didn’t collect enough relevance.

And yet your friends all sailed
to gather plaudits by the score
and trappings of acceptance.

The evidence you say obtains a measure in a
form of placid mediocrity and not success,
called the criterion effect –

where soothsayers claim
there are too many false
prophets to revere anyway.
© 10 October 2007, I. D. Carswell