12 November 2007

Bottom Of The Heap

Can’t climb all over myself to get to
that vantage point where I can see
more than the ol’ dumb-ass I’m sat
upon, conclude therefore he’s way

too inconsequential to benefit me,
weep copiously (in crocodile tears)
about life’s inequality and how I’ve
been dealt a bum hand. Hear voice

of The Man rumble out of vast and
empty spaces he habituates – Hey,
Dude! How come you KNOW ‘bout
that raw deal? ‘Cause if that be the

case you ‘ready had your ‘vantage.
Ol’ dumb-ass shakes his head, it’s
more than he can understand. The
people holding conversations in his

head say things with consequence
and meaning while he’s content with
where he’s at, bottom of the heap –
now how come he knows ‘bout that?
© 1 November 2007, I. D. Carswell