30 November 2007

No Lip Service To Originality

Graffito scrawled on whitewashed walls
lines this boulevard of discontinuity; ‘tho
most of the words are urban patios usage
pays no lip service to originality. These are

all the same you note – all misspelt pieces
repeated time and again. Painted in neat
colours with flair and feeling but you’d
expect them to use a dictionary. I disagree,

I think they’re signatures; I’d say tags of young
artistes embracing the mystique of writing
just their names. Perfection bagged in an
instant, complete recognition – universality.

So what’s the good of that you say, what’s in
a name if it’s not patent what they’re selling?
Oh, but it is I say, no less than those blatant
billboards cruelling the next street.
© 16 November 2007, I. D. Carswell