28 November 2007

Shrink-Wrapped But Vagrantly Sad Ideas

Not worth the effort you’d think, a case of
malevolent delinquency cleverly disguised
as shrink-wrapped but vagrantly sad ideas.
Alienation in our personal spheres is rarely
news these days but someone’s view of it
which barely exceeds the most mundane

takes easy precedence. Circles of Extremes,
each feeding each – rogue reality shows in
breach of all-self-appointed but never policed
codes of decency; all preaching, unceasingly.
Amidst cacophony dissonance seems reason
with room to spare – though nobody listens.

The etiquette shared says shout louder longer
and make bigger waves. Somewhere out there
a producer has a show planned in your name.
An eerie consequence we need to live with is
5% believe it true, 20% wish it were so, 50%
don’t know and the rest don’t have an opinion.
© 17 November 2007, I. D. Carswell