10 November 2007

Thief Of Innocence, the

How much does one need to be poisoned by
the weed? An essence blessed in its innocent
and antique sweetness but toxic nonetheless,
lethal in every fundament – its chemistry bent
by ancient deeds, fable and mystique, wound
into a tapestry of faux beliefs. This is the thief

of innocence. There is no sanctuary from taint,
the atmosphere bears foul traces of diseased
thoughts claimed as great revelation – truth is
an orphan and you’re born into slavery. Take
a dose of daily weed any way you feel a need;
read mythologies written onto parchments of
human skin rolled into joints to smoke with the

fumes of history, ingest chemicals designed to
correct synaptic imbalances, breathe the ozone
believing you will save the World, swim in manic
religion espousing death to unbelievers, blow
yourself to smithereens to gain relief. You did
not arrive in innocence, you are not to blame...
© 6 November 2007, I. D. Carswell