06 December 2007

Assured A Lifelong Friend

Tried glyphosate and waited out the week,
didn’t see the end effect we seek – usually
a drying wilt ensues, must have screwed
that run we thus conclude.

Had to wait until the weather took a break –
but she’ll be Jake we farmers like to say. Tried
again, took three days, too many hours were
wasted in a far too patient application.

Did it by the label with meticulous attention
to every small detail – temperature within a
maximum and minimum prescribed, humidity
ok, but still it was a waste of time!

So come the third respray we knew who’d win.
Amaranthus spp, the target weed, was rarely
vexed while other pests just up and died – or
grew again. It had become a case of do or die

and desperation loomed. Tried 2, 4-D (as Amicide)
which made a stronger case – we sprayed the last
few rows today secure we’ll see a wilt within a
couple days. Had that drum for years and years,

used to use it when we grazed our fields with
lowline steers. Miss those little buggers now
and then, pity too, but thanks to you, you bovine
kine, Amicide’s assured a lifelong friend!
© 27 November 2007, I. D. Carswell