09 December 2007

Daphne Tillack, Cup Winner!

Daph’s a beaut sheila – already told you that;
didn’t tell you she turns seventy on Tuesday,
November 6th, but keep it in your hat ‘cause
she doesn’t like bloody drama, indeed,
prefers good company with cold beer.

I see Daph most Sundays along with her boy
friend Clem – well, husband actually, but I get
a grand laugh thinking of them as youngsters
in love and that goes a way to explaining my
delight at her topping the big Seven Oh.

Geeze, can’t be too big a deal if Daph does it
easy – not that it’s all been so trouble-free, a
bit of surgery here and there on this and that,
seen the old dear suffer a bit after her knees,
or was it her hips – err; delete ‘old’..., smack!

Daphne’s a beaut, too bloody true, a never
bested and scurrilous wit, a sense of good
humour; into life and living it like it’s the only
game in Town – try it, you’ll never leave! Be
sure, she’ll win the Cup so easily come Tuesday...
© 5 November 2007, I. D. Carswell