12 December 2007

Dim Glimmers Of Awareness

The price we pay for our diversity is to share a
super highway; there are good users and bad,
eulogisers & criticisers who’re equally paired –
were we’re aware of whom we represent, and
care, there stands an indecent chance for a fair
and unbiased revival in cosmic consciousness.
Dim glimmers of awareness are rare & rate less
in newsworthiness, becoming saintly blessings.

Today’s image of “I Am All That There Is” bears
a modestly accrued ledger of self-interest – that
I can’t see the road ahead for other users is such
a common cry that it justifies a rough-shod ride
through the masses on ambition framed from
the depleted uranium of sought-after fame.
© 8 November 2007, I. D. Carswell