31 December 2007

Gimme A Carrot, She Says

EI (Equine Influenza) got the drop today, the
first races after state-wide quarantine were
underway in NSW & Queensland; a pleasure
seeing our own horses out on track at last, a
huge welcome back – you buggers! Old mate

Mick was glued to screen, a trainer from the
bad old days, never took an oath to keep the
racetrack clean – can’t understand why the
losers scream when they do their dough. Its
rigged and you don’t know that? Geeze, he

says, ask any friggin’ jockey! I know enough
to agree there is more to the game than the
glitz and parades. But then I only graze the
few, quite innocent, pony club horses they
spell around here. But I get all the hot tips I

need from Molly, a grey, who hangs out by
the cool room. Gimme a carrot, she says...
© 1 December 2007, I. D. Carswell