15 December 2007

To Em, & Why Not?

There’s something in a smile you know,
an element that’s missing from a grin –
but a grin from Em is like a privileged
glimpse of stars alight – alright, she’s kin,
daughter to a whim in clasp familial – a
faux paternity. Emma’s family indeed;
we’d be the less we think we are – or
pretence if sans her elegance.

A gesture of assent and she’s the first
and only daughter in a band of beery
men. She wins by just a line, the one
before the very last, a sonnet shy but
ascot destined for success; & why
not Em I say – still much impressed?
© 23 November 2007, I. D. Carswell

...for gorgeous Em,
Emma Dwyer