18 December 2007

When Tinsel Hung Festooned

They’re sugared words, sweet to ear and tongue,
words we heard when tinsel hung festooned for
eyes to feast upon. No matter where we came in
from, minds shadowed in a daze of lesser events,
the sight and sound entwined our hearts in arms
of pure, godlike consent. Remember how the songs

were sung, how all went still and eyes grew bright
with Winter’s chill of fine delight ringing choruses
clinging tight with yuletide unity. It all began with
hearts beating in synchronicity, when School ended
for the year, in an early evening & on into a blissful
night – we sang for sheer joy in fellowship and close

harmony, for gifts at the foot of the tinselled tree,
for our mums and our dads and fellow men & for
the peace on Earth we knew to be sustained and
a table laden with food we viewed with saucered
eyes. And so it was and so it will be, we naively
surmised. Our childish voices cried into the night:

Merry Christmas to One and All & to Every Soul –
a Happy New Year! God bless, Goodnight.
©4 December 2007, I. D. Carswell