26 January 2008

Big Fish In Small Ponds

Who is fooling who – council amalgamations
in Queensland will proceed, it makes eminent
sense. Not to individuals I agree, few would
see beyond emotional loss of local identity;
a Shire’s size and chequered history pre-
determining efficacy of local management.

It is at best a weak argument to claim in an
internecine plebiscite that the people have
spoken against change; years of unchecked
nepotism weaves a web of surreality, carving
deep and livid scars. These need the light of

day to heal in small communities. In today’s
council chambers latter-day soldiers of self-
interest tamely represent constituents but
heed personal agendas with religious zeal –
held out as evidence of unstinting service.

And the smaller the arena, the greater the
flame. We need to blow out some of these
incendiary candles. You must know the big
fish in small ponds are invariably cannibals.
© 20 December 2007, I. D. Carswell