14 January 2008

The Goods Of Good Company

Arrogance you can take in stride
but from a serial loudmouth it is
hard to look aside. In this case a
balding, one-eyed, beer-gutted,
unemployed bloke with resolute
‘been-there-done-that’ attitude
– which is bad enough by itself,
but coupled with also being full
of shit – no way I want a bar of it.

How did this dork invite himself
to share a beer with us I ask me
mate? He’s brought his own but
that don’t make him an expert on
everything we’ve been discussing
does it? Or does it; I mean, he’s
here with us so that’s a sure hint
of legitimacy isn’t it? Crikey, fancy
that, us legitimate! But then it’s

probably the reason we’re sought
after company and never twigged,
the dork proves it. Me mate eyes
me a bit queer-like, meaning what,
he begs? Meaning we’re the goods
of good company – like any set of
mates and the dork’s trying to grow
himself some credibility. Well, golly
gosh and gee whiz, laughs me mate!
© 17 December 2007, I. D. Carswell