03 January 2008

Lost Amongst Trees

Lost amongst trees in new leaf, feel
their bronze youth age green in sultry
Summer’s awakening. New fruit keens
to eat – vies for the lion’s share.

Between unbroken arcs of canopy weeds
lament, survive two sprays, refuse to die –
a hardy set though most show wilt enough
to stave-off seeding for this year. A blessing –

Miscellany of last year’s fruit to pick, 50%
I’d guess – less wind-fall and anthracnose
infected, plenty to keep us quiet ‘til January.
Midday heat has birds at an easy quiescence.

Cool sprinklers spray sweet water on thirsty
trees’ feet as we rest out of the glare...
© 23 October 2007, I. D. Carswell