10 January 2008

Pigment Markings As Bas-Relief

Deal with it - sure! Actually I can, but I’m told
the real audience isn’t in my reality – I’m less
an effect than figment of my own confidence.

I see the pigment markings as bas-relief – an
ochre where deep blue or silent green should
be – and no depth to shadows, no substance

beyond this day’s shallow, two-dimensional
analogy. I’d be wiser to keep a stilled tongue.
Already I sleep discomforted with the grateful

dead, memories are equally indistinct. Each
waking mood is relinquished to an intense
relief which introspection fails to allay. This

same day I realised who I’ve been listening
to; it is common misbelief to take one’s orb
of conscience as humanities collective choice.

There is no voice out in the ether, nor any wiser
preference without consequence. And I’m glad
to say I can still deal with that in my own way...
© 3 December 2007, I. D. Carswell