08 January 2008

Tastes Obscenely Malty

It’s all about the taste; you cannot make a
case without embracing history – no way
will glitzy ads for lite, lo-cal and diet beer
replace a brewer’s fame. For sure a name
reflects the brewing house, shames their
lousy grab for cash and plastic claims they
say are real. Crass appeal wont replicate a
modicum of bitter taste. Flavour’s not the
only deal – beer’s a meal! Its steak & fries,
its pecan pies & bacon bits, don’t surmise
a loss of weight, beer is a fĂȘte. I’m sipping
this here bitter brew that dates 200 years –
the recipe appeals to me; a Colonial Bitter
made for settlers of the Hebrides, the beer
is rich and dark and tastes obscenely malty
with a sleepy bite. I’ll stoke the fire tonight
and sleep the sweetest sleep despite too
many sips. Oh, I might regret the frequent
trips to pee – we’ll wait and see...
© 29 November 2007, I. D. Carswell