06 February 2008

Diff’s A Bloody Hero

Diff’s no ordinary mutt who saved his
owner’s life, he’s a bloody hero – and
at 65 kilos a Bull Mastiff gets respect
he’s due with less anxiety than, say, a

Jack Russell or Shi Tzu. Diff took it in
his stride, so to speak, hung out on a
precipice by a tree for a couple days.
Mark, his owner, felt obliged to see

to Diff’s dilemma, took a risk, rescued
him from Mount Maroon by abseiling
in when rescue helicopters wouldn’t
fly – winds too fierce, while the RSPCA

remained adrift. It began when Mark,
a friend and Diff hiked to see the New
Year’s sunrise in Mt Barney National
Park. Diff stumbled clumsily and fell

off the cliff, Mark & friend tried to
rescue him, became aware they too
were in difficulty, could neither climb
nor descend safely and quit. Next day

Diff’s barking drew the rescue effort in,
they were saved, winched to safety,
but lousy weather put paid to chances
of saving Diff. Mark and Diff’s reunion

made great evening TV, an interview or
three raised the tone but as dogs are
banned from national parks, the issue
will, no doubt, be raised some stage. For

the record though, Diff’s a bloody hero.
© 4 January 2008, I. D. Carswell