11 February 2008

An Experience Worth Waiting For

Russell’s the man for all seasons, he alone
stands fearlessly in no man’s land; fecklessly
some would say – dismissively missing the point,
demeaning a virtuoso performance.

That day he led the way in light-hearted banter,
handed out iced drinks from the front seat esky
on request, provided wisdom, commentary and
largesse as he commanded the narrow aisles.

Perhaps the rest of the guests were less than
amused by the way he made light of the labours
of an ancient bus and equally creaky driver, but
no one could say they were not entertained.

He who prances like a fool is just that, they say,
claiming a grain of truth, but it won’t wash with
folks whose fears were allayed as we were lost
or misplaced and saved on the way to the wedding.

In the event his cheery grin was saving grace imbued
with an impish geniality. We arrived late but the bride
ensured our dignity – she made the bus trip a tasty
entrée to a wedding and a dinner worth waiting for.
© 17 January 2008, I. D. Carswell