15 February 2008

The Physics Of Sedentary Wisdom

I caught their fleeting movement through
myopic lens – two indistinct shadows seen
swooping in an arc over trees, a silhouette
briefly against the grizzled morning grey.

They vanished as soon as I saw them. But
my eyes lingered, hungry for a feast that
broke this fast of eerie stillness. In drear
distance a lone crow cries, “Ark, ark, ark.”

Without glasses the PC screen I face is in-
distinct – the words I write shimmer in a
dizzy haze; yet beyond the window pane
I clearly see distances without their aid.

Is there a way to take a vision complete,
an unpretentious sweep that sees into
unrecognised futures while seated, lost
to the physics of sedentary wisdom?

Insight drifts condensed in ephemeral
pillars of mist rising in still air, they are
momentarily timeless, connected into
rare consciousness blessed in all things.

I join the crows in free flight, swoop and
soar delighting in their vision; where they
see is sheer bliss for eyes strained by the
slow crawl of characters on pallid screen.
© 9 January 2008, I. D. Carswell.