21 February 2008

Seeks Favour Of Your Dreams

Your love is contained in a battered but still
functional suitcase, packed and ready to be
despatched to the next war zone. Mine flits
like a moth lost to the light enclosed within.
I am reconciled to that – not ecstatic about
it but a whole lot happier knowing the facts.

It was real emotion, no method acting this
iteration, no tame admission. The kiss and
forgive remission of hostilities a passionate
decision – absolute ending in simpler truth
too cruel to contemplate, too raw a vision;
sense of self gratified – we gladly embrace.

You sleep at ease, aware who seeks favour
of your dreams; I stare into light streaming
from unconditional reality – where you are
is where I want to be. If I journeyed blind to
our origins – remembering the well from
which our love springs, I’ll regain my sight.
© 2 January 2006, I. D. Carswell