27 February 2008

There Will Be Questions To Follow

So how you view the travesty of
never being right or favoured in
vicissitudes which bolder souls
delight – as thus your living lie
remains; a case, you claim, sans
choices, a loser’s plight, game
less a contest, an uneven fight.

At tether’s end – a proper
phrase you ask? Whether
gratuitously less intelligent and
reminded of the fact – apt to act
imprudently when called by referee
to centre ring – blows too low,
use of head and knees illegally.

He, subsumed in one-way test
of wits; used to flaunt my tits to
win, still could do – he’s merely
mammary arraignment’s slave,
but not the way I want to win.
Beat him fair to the ground and
square, pull his trousers down.

Why ever say ‘you never listen’
as a fact; unless psychic, to hear
and understand are separate
deeds – he’s not intuitive, cannot
read allusion. Keep the message
short & sweet. Say read my lips –
there will be questions to follow.
© 1 January 2008, I. D. Carswell