28 March 2008

Apology To A Stolen Generation

A generation stolen by an act of power in
past administration didn’t fade away, a
sign too real to hide or just deny for sake
of budgetary deliberation. Morality still
stays with power no matter how one ducks
or dances – survivors make a sordid past
an even chance for airing ugly grievances.

Regretful words when truly said placate;
they may not change the state of here and
now or put the past to rest. Yet better deeds
are always said to follow an apology. Yes,
we regret the way our forbears treated you,
recognise your loss – a family you never
knew, the missing sense of who you are.

An apology for acts of gross insensitivity is
not by any means a free rein scramble
for the cash; there will be those irksome
claims for flaky compensation – be assured
of greed, but they will be the least of rash
proposals seeking back traumatic loss of
dignity – not a lolly scramble free in fact.

Your dignity and sense of worth is chief
concern. We need your heritage to be a
badge of pride that’s worn in harmony,
to lead the way where tribal lore provides
a synthesis for ancient ways to meet today.
We need you to return and take a centre
seat and help to guide our stumbling feet.
© 31 January 2008, I. D. Carswell