27 March 2008

Connected Again

05:41 Friday, power’s been out since 4 am.
Woke uneasily, effect of two failed tries to
reset supply – but I knew why immediately;
mordant reminders we are at the end of an
attenuated food chain – quite unnecessary.

If the misanthropes supplying energy hoped to
disrupt morning routine – they didn’t succeed.
It is merely a nuisance, could’ve stayed in bed
but I take to pioneer life with an enthusiasm
born and bred in ancient limestone caves.

Read inward mail via cell phone link, found
Peachester in Nokia Maps – hey, we exist,
made coffee on a gas stove and sliced the
last bake of bread with an impressive
serrated knife – by hand, without injury.

Heard the news, Brittney S been committed,
danger to herself – hardly figures, ‘Summer
of ‘69’ on FM, an all-time fav, everything’s
great! Now Santana’s ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ while
tentatively cruising into a burgeoning day.

I intended to tell energy suppliers go waste
themselves in a Hell they choose, but why
give a choice! I write lethargically not really
amused – kind of lame – but wait, is ADSL
blinking? – Oh yay, connected again!
© 1 February 2008, I. D. Carswell