10 March 2008

In Your Love Redeemed

Technically, well – yes, it was the very first
and all of that, the event you don’t forget sort
of thing, but practically you never guess an if
or when this man’s Virginity was ever lost.

You see he never really was a Virgin in that
sense – certainly the term suggests a time
of innocence and purity; for me I’d rather
never claim the virtue or the consequence.

What you never had cannot be lost, mislaid,
or stole away – or thus bestowed, as she who
claimed she had received this man’s Virginity
was heard to crow. It was never mine to give.

And so it was until the day you took my kiss
to bed and burned my dreams. I woke to be
an innocent as clean as freshly fallen snow –
and in your love redeemed a pure virginity.
© 20 January 2008, I. D. Carswell