19 March 2008

Through The Looking Glass

There is nothing weird about these creatures
Alice said. I made them from the best supplies
that I could get. Want to meet the crocodile?
He’s eaten I enquire – cautiously; the smile is
fixed, a sign of absent enmity I think, but raise
his ire and find that smile ingesting disrespect.

Wouldn’t know she said, it’s just a shape within
my head. Are you’re really interested? I know it
sees beyond the panoply of humanness - a purity
I’d not believe that I would get, means I don’t need
to guess your state of mind, read non-verbal cues
which may mislead – causing me so much distress.

A construct of your mind I muse, a stratagem to
deal with stress. And yet you know he isn’t real!
Oh yes, the smiling Alice grinned, original, quite
patently was made by me but free agency as well;
talks when I’ve a need for different views, exists
as it sees fit – now please be careful where you sit!
© 29 January 2008, I. D. Carswell

For Alice, my Lil Sis