20 March 2008

The Very Finest Accolade

Searching for a way to say congratulations,
trying not to bleat like sheep who merely
echo phrases sounding quaint and trifling
neat. This effort praising you is really due
to earned and open admiration.

One more son, the third of three, a brother
for our little mate – young Saxon, who assures
us he is very pleased. As we are too for both
of you. Well done dear Paula, Simon too,
and welcome to your newborn son.

The famous five you’ve now become
declares a precious crew of people we are
proud to know and fondly greet. And be
assured, with honesty we gladly say – parents
such as you deserve the very finest accolade.
© 28 January 2008, I. D. Carswell

For Paula & Simon Hay & baby Byron